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814 has closed.

I'm sorry if I am now just posting this but I've not really had time with moving and all to get on here...at work I had a few seconds to send emails and all but yea. 

Saturday was the last show...and last night we had a drink out. 
Sometimes I wonder why people are the way they are, to let things like this happen. but then I just get tired and more upset because that's I guess just how I am. 

bobby'll be at 814 till wednesday I believe in case anyone might want to drop by and see him or take a few moments and reflect on the memories that club holds. 

I got the call friday night AT work, boi was I upset and saturday still couldn't handle it...DJ-ing for the last time in my booth. walking down that grrr flight of stairs...takin bobby home after a night at the bar.
just people don't realize what they had till it's gone...now I wonder how many people will realize how much they looked to going to 814 to have/see/or be in a show. 

*shakes head*
I'll miss this club so much...it was my third home and now it's gone. I might start playin the lottery cuz hell if I won even just $1 million I'd buy that club back in a heart beat. Shit. grrr
I have to go now cuz I gotta deal with some odds and ends. I have a show aug 26th and I am going to still try and have it I'll keep people informed either way. 

oh and...I've moved out of my parents house for the first time ever in my life...This past week has been so emotionallly filled for me I'm exhausted. We've got two new additions to our lil family...a tan kitten named Charlie *andi's bday present* and a black kitten with white paws/belly named Jo-jo *my kitty*. our four baby turtles are still gettin used to all these crazy animals here. but they're doin great too. 

and today Andi and I celebrate our
crazy how time flies huh. I love you baby!! 
anywho I really need to get going now. got to go to the office and fill out paper work and take the ac unit we have back to my parents house and go to work...grrr lmao and I thought I could sleep in today...nope. 



Congrats on the anniversary. :)
i'm sorry to hear about your fave club closing, bro
congrats on the 7 month!!

i know bro that club is or was my second or third home ya know...plus I've found that more are closing...I don't get it anymore...crazy shit but I'm going to try and keep with it...kay...did you get my email with my new addy. i still got stuff to send you I just gotta find it...with moving and all I know where the one thing is but I don't know where the other. lol

hope things are well bro! STAY kewl dude IT'S been crazily hot lately...ciao
I don't mean to just post and not know you, but I was wondering, what is with the closing of 814? That really sucks. I live in Southern Delaware and liked going up there for a drink with friends that came from Philly. What's going to happen with the drag shows? Sorry for all the questions, but like I said, I really did enjoy going up there! Take care.
P.S. I stumbled onto your page looking for info on upcoming shows.
it's called people not coming to shows anymore. we moved em to saturdays cuz people bitched all the time...about "why don't you move em to saturdays?" and well we do and where the hell are they...can't keep a club open on just drag shows there's more to the club then that too...like I don't know craziness...but yea it was random and out of no where for me cuz I just got a random call the friday of the closing from the owner saying "did I tell you this is the last show." I was all upset and shit..cuz I'm the drag prince of de 2006 and like 814 was a home to me...so yea craziness. I gotta find another place or places rather to perform at...grrrr craziness.
i gotta get to bed but hope to talk to you again.

That so plainly sucks. The same thing happened a few years ago at a club in Dover, one day the owner said, hey I've sold the club but ya'll are still welcome...about a month later after taking "family" money, the new owners said, enough of this...Now it's a strip club. The beach is getting the same way as well. I'm going to miss going in there, even with the crazy ass stairs that place was so cool. It's too bad people don't see a good thing and keep it going. Take care and I hope you find a new home to flaunt being drag prince! Congrats on that as well!