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Rest In Peace

Lady Ashleigh Whitney Starr Adams

born: Feb. 07, 1996
died: Aug. 14, 2006

she will be missed and was loved very much.

I got the call a couple of hours ago from my mom...she said that tests showed that ashleighs kidneys had shutdown and she couldn't even really stand up, she stopped eating and drinkin...they people there also said she had that look in her eyes. My mom didn't want to tell me over the phone but she had no other option. I hate this part of life when childhiid friends and companions die. I loved her very much...and I did get to see her last night. I gotta get thank you to anyone who prayed for my baby girl.


toby adams

this is asheigh playin in the snow with andi *more pic's at the bottom*
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me and ashleigh last year sometime in the midst of my weightloss
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andi and ashleigh goofin around...





So sorry... :(
this is life..but thanks...

Aww I am sorry for your loss! Looks like she had a happy life though and looks back with fond memories.
thanks dude sorry for the long time in replying...been crazy around here.

hope things are well...

i'm so sorry, bro!!


i hope you got the mail i sent to yah over my vacation!!

*hugz some more*
~ EJ
actually no i haven't...where'd you send it too?

and thanks :hugs back:

jojo says hi

lolmy kitty shes tryin t bn type lol

ciao bro
i'm not sure if i sent it to your new or old snail mail addie,
but i hope it's there soon!!

~ EJ
oh dear I am SO sorry :( I was sitting here thinkin of you and wanted to say Happy Holidays. I'm sorry for the way things turned out. You take care <3 <3
This year has been rough...well from this post on...lost ashliegh, then one of my baby turtkles, then a kitten, and then my fuckin aunt kathy had to die suddenly. Don't know if you remember her...but she was my moms' best friend from like highschool and shit. I still can't believe it and thanksgiving was really hard and quiet lol. I think that's what made it seem too real. I don't like reality and I don't want to go through christmas I just wanna hop over it. It just wasn't right ya know...i dunno...too much unfinished business for her. She had one grandkid *born the day before the service two months early at that* and two great grandkids* one here one still on the way...these past few months.

I don't know and I apologies for this depressing response but seeing that you messaged me surprised me cuz I know you're pissed off at me and possibly hate me forever but...time heals all wounds right? I don't know...anyways hope your holidays are good too.