this is a note from my facebook i just posted...I'm trying to do what i can from a far cuz we do not live inthe same state. he lives in new any help from any one would be fabulous and thank you in me at with any info...or reply here... thank you.

ok, so I'm tired we know this..but I'm also an emotional crazy person.
and my heart is gettin torn out slowly each day cuz im so far away from someone I <3 ALOT and am trying to help as much as possible. If I could give him the world and had that power I so would.

Anyways I'm reaching out..I am taggin those I would think had knowledge of lawyers, or ideas of what he could do...small background on situation is:

he lost his roommate and close friend just a lil over a week or so ago now ::hugs him super tight: and welp they have to move unfortunaterly *so they are tryin to find apt's? i guess within his area..they need to foster cats *tho i already offered my home till he can be reunited with them* and then on top of all of that he needs to find a real good lawyer too. He has guardianship of his son and welp the unworthy birth mother decide to petition it i believe..something like that..

SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE THE GUARDIAN THE PARENT WHATEVER SHE GAVE HIM UP! she's not worthy at all...kristoff has given that lil man the world and is the best father any child could have. I've seen it in person you can tell period through their pics his messages and status of them. They're a pair that is forever more this woman gave her right up in my eyes.that's all imma say ..i'm kinda going out on a limb with doin this and I TRULY HOPE that kristoff isnt upset or offended by anything i say here. I want him to be happy and not to worry about that woman EVER!

So if anyone knows of a great LAWYER who can help someone within the trans community fight for his guardianship of his son. that would be fabulous. Someone within his region i guess...message me leave a comment doesnt matter..or message him personally.

This man is truly a GREAT FATHER AND PERSON regardless of what some feel they know. I have a huge respect for him and care for him more than anyone may realize. I know that I cant give him the world but at least I can fight for him to have it. He can add anything he would like as well in a comment if he feels compelled. I work alot so imma do what i can when im home. I'm done seein him hurt. I'm done seein him in pain...Ive got enough anger at this situation to fight for him urks me when someone who gave their only child up but then when the person giving them the love and support they've truly needed stops the unworthy part from gettin a free chance at money..they go to the extreme and try to take back what they already gave up.

life does not work that way, he is his sons father and HE WILL NOT LOSE HIM, to anyone! i have faith i believe that this will work itself out...and i truly hope that someone within my friend circle can help me find him more help and support in his state etc.

please I hope i made sense get back to me asap my numbers are on my info page. call me if i dont answer, then im at work but I WILL CALL BACK. if not TEXT ME! this is SERIOUS PEOPLE!!! there's no waitin here..there's no "i dont knows"...there's just ok heres what you can's someone who can help.

I thank you for your time and it means the world that you read this through and if you can extend your arm hand shoulder or knowledge that would be awesome either way. I love you all for anything you can help him with I'm serious about all of this. BELIEVE ME he's been through enough this is not fair at all to him, his son, and his other roommate despite any past bs between us.

I <3 u kristoff and I truly hope that I (we) can help you in your time of need. I'm trying here I'm not giving up Imma copy and post this in other places i got online too. Whatever i find out i will share with you k. Seriously I'm right by your side 110% the rest of your life that's my commitment to you here and now in text form, but you already know this, correct? You will get through this standin stronger than ever and you will look back in years to come and be like "damn how did i do it?" and I would be standing next to you smiling thinkin "I know how but I'll let you figure it out first." You know me I believe in the unattainable and I may fail horribly but atleast it will be a fight that is fought whole heartedly for someone who deserves way more than he has been given. I have found a new perspective lol as my "Fortune cookie stated". anyways i've said my piece even tho long winded I be you all know what I am looking to find so please ask any questions message me message what you can please? I am all ears ...

im trying to cool off physically lol its been a hot ass fuckin day...

<3 to you all..

yours truly