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This is MY LIFE

if ya don't like it...keep on movin

22 June
This is my journal of my life, what is said within these pages, STAYS WITHIN THESE PAGES! To be able to see my words you must reply to my last post and be added as a friend. Other wise you'll just see pulic posts.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! but i am almost 30 now, i have only my pup maddie, my beardy chaos and two baby turtles rogue and mr. turtle. my two cats and five other turtles are in others' hands. for I am moving out my house i've had for almost five years to start over and rebuild my life and new path with my boyfriend kristoff whom I love more then words could ever explain. This is a good start to the end of a beginning for a new year. haha..it makes sense. almost two years sober as well as off cigs. getting there slowly but surely. can't wait to be living with my boyfriend...my life will forever be complete then.


"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence
of our friends."
- Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

2006 wasnt a good year but here's a lil remembrance on a few loved one's we've lost...

Rest in Peace
Lady Ashleigh Whitney Starr Adams

February 1996 to August 24th 2006
I miss you girl!
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Rest in Peace
Kathrine Patricia Greene
January 13th, 1955 to
September 27th, 2006
*it is so quiet now...creepy*

you gals shall be deeply missed.

2007 & 08 were sad too... lost my poppop in 07 and my mommom in 08.. :( god rest their souls

I also have the following journals
I'm the mod of these two comm:
Delaware's Gay Community...community on lj
and then my own journals:
My Deadjournal
My poem lj

I have a 6 year old Godson Jaime Rodriguez III
this is jaime and myself *years ago*
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and 4 yr. old nephew Jacob Micheal Adams!!!! oooo and I have an almost 1 yr old neice but no pic's yet.

I was a member of the the LGBTQSA group on campus called...HAVEN CLICK HERE! I held office as the Secretary for the Fall '03-Spr '04 academic year as well as the co-chair of the Q series and the Event Coordinator of Transgender Awareness Week 2004.


Destiny is not a matter of chance,
it is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for,
but a thing to be acheived."
-William Jennings Bryan

I absolutely LOVE SMILIE FACES....hehe..

"A building gets torched. All that is left is ashes. I used to think that was true about everything: families, friends, feelings. But now I know that sometimes, if love proves real...if two people were meant to be together...nothing can tear them apart.

If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn. People die. But real love lives forever."

- The Crow.




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I love quotes:

I LOVE ANI! I LOVE CHRISTIN: for sending this to me! and here's why...best quote ever...tee hee hee...
"guess there's something wrong with me
guess i don't fit in
no one wants to touch it
no one knows where to begin
i've got more than one membership
to more than one club
and i owe my life
to the people that i love...
some days the line i walk
turns out to be straight
other days the line tends to
i've got no criteria for sex or race
i just want to hear your voice
i just want to see your face"
-Ani De Franco

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