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Lots going on for Toby. So Last week, the 22nd was my bday...guess some of you forgot...lol. It was a nice bday got to spend it with m baby, my godson and best friend...as well as my parents. My baby lostdyke got me A cell phone *if ya want the number reply back*, an atari game system thang from Wallymarts, two xbox games *sims 2 and urb's*, the now 21 cd, and cake on my face...lol.

my aunt got me this turtle baby blanket so cute...my parents got me this computer months ago, and I got myself a new car. lol.
well an old new car. 1990 chevy cavalier, red...got issue's but I bought it for $400 i have no interior lights and it zonks out on me after runnin for a while. so I gotta get it checked out. all the mattes is..it gets me to work. lol. ;-)

we've got sprint cell phones,,,picture ones at that...yay now if i could only get those pic's on the computer I would be a happy camper...

We've got FOUR baby turtles...well one baby *squirt* he's gettin big and three hatchlings... Spot, Tj, and Kody. yep I couldn't resist gettin Kody last weekend...he came up to me in the tank at the pet store..I only went there for a filter thang and came out with another baby...i bought this one..he was on sale lmao...jkjk jk..the had a sale going on so it was even better. he's cute.

we've got this huge ass tank for em all...squirt and one of the two babies will go in it once we get the screen top, filter, lights, and other stuff for the tank. money is tight right now so we can only do so much ya know...

Today is our six month anniverary!!! cann ya believe it..it's crazy how fast time flies. i love my baby..:-D

okay so also, 814 has changed show days from SUNDAYS to SATURDAYS!!!

I have the followin dates: July 22, Aug 26th, Sept 9th, Oct 28th, and december 23. I give up my crown in novemberi believe...

anywho...just thought I'd mention that real quick.

i need people asap for july 22nd...thanks.

also EJ I have something for you...and you shall get it sometiem this summer...lol.



yea so we had to work freakin two weeks straight basically to get two days off for my bday last week...we were plannin to go to NY but instead she got the cell phones...for the shear fact that i dont think my car would've made it right now. work is now like cuttin our hours back gettin on our nerves cuz we need the hours ya know. oy ve...grr some of the people there are crazy and some just ya need to stay away from. I dont' know how many times someone has tried to start shit between me and andi. it's so pathetic. but yea anywho...

we got the fish tank from there,,, and lots of books, and this book shelf...this lil tank I got the baby guppies and the mama's in...we get a lot fomr that store. the managers are kewl.

anywho thats all for now. I've been workin alot so my apologies on not updatin...i'll try my best to do it more. kay?
miss you all...
Hell I know what ya mean Toby working and shit I'm a manager so I know how that shit goes and all. Working 2 weeks straight aint shit but hell like you said hours are hours and money is money but I got to go FUCK IT I'M LATE FOR WORK. Adios Amigo.